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Our Services

Data-Driven AI was born from the idea of 10 founding members with an important technical expertise and seniority, who constitute foundations of a young and motivated team focused on innovation and technology.


Data-Driven.Ai's mission is to transform data into valuable insights, supporting business decision-making processes, promoting a data-driven culture, improving profitability and operational efficiency through accurate and strategic data analysis. We strongly believe that these elements help define the crucial role of data in business success and the realization of strategic objectives​.

The team offers itself as external IT support to companies in the systems and application development fields, taking on complete outsourced projects or collaborating on tasks.

The areas of Development expertise are very wide with excellence in .Net, Java and Mobile (iOS, Android and Flutter).

The Consulting expertise is related to Organization and Processes, ESG and Sustainability, Security and GDPR.

The group has Data Scientist with great experience in the Big Data and Business Intelligence fields, having already developed several solutions in these areas.



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