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Software Development
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Platforms Development, Mobile App and

Predictive Models able to make the most of your data

The Data-Driven strategy

It consists of exploiting company information in order to make "data-based" decisions. This type of culture and management approach is defined as "data-driven" and constitutes the basis for the implementation of Artificial Intelligence within companies.

Advanced Decision Making

The availability of clear information coming from the integration of the different data sources makes the decision-making process more aware and reliable because it is based on concrete elements, guaranteeing alignment with the objectives and pre-established strategies.

Software Development

Cloud Native Application Development,  Tailor Made on customer's needs, project-based and task-based

Cyber Security & GDPR

Assessment, Analysis and Implementation of Cyber Security project and GDPR

A.I. Solution

On demand implementation and development of artificial intelligence algorithm


Project Management, ESG, Strategic Consulting, and Process Reengineering

Record volumes for Artificial Intelligence in Italy:


Reference year


Market share


Growth in one year


Commissioned in Italy


Export of projects

Data is the real asset

Often in companies, data is undervalued due to a lack of a clear and integrated vision.

Data-Driven.Ai develops

 «smart by design» 

applications capable of providing companies with real-time dashboards, KPIs and decision-making charts

Are you ready to accelerate the growth of your business?

We transform Data into Vision

In an increasingly data-driven world, the ability to transform raw information into meaningful insights has become an essential necessity for companies looking to maintain a competitive advantage.

Data-Driven.Ai places itself at the center of this transformation with the mission of providing companies with the tools and skills necessary to decipher the vast ocean of data at their disposal, transforming it into a compass that guides them towards informed decisions and successful strategies.

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